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Life After War

Right when we were constantly fighting Covid19 and discussing: “How could a virus spread so massively and uncontrollably in the 21st century, just the way it did in the 19th?”, a war broke out in Artsakh.
And there is always the hardest part: how to continue living after war?

Now going back to work isn’t just a matter of paying your mortgage or rent and ease the money burden on loved ones. Going back to work is part of leaving your war duties and worries behind, adapting your skills to civilian tasks and creating a new life. All of which is easier said than done. Everyone is in despair, our lives used to be on hold and maybe still are. While it is usually necessary to get back to work as quickly as you can, it isn’t something that you should just take lightly and not give any thought to how it affects you mentally, physically and spiritually. And if you don’t have to go back right away, you may be wise to give yourself some time.  By saying get back to work it might be working on yourself as well. Work gives you something mentally and physically to do, uses up energy, lets you earn money and become an asset in strengthening the backbone of Armenia and Artsakh. But it can also be detrimental if it causes you to avoid dealing with your emotions, memories and focus on how you can change the situation now and for the future. 


Work is Not a Sign that You’ve Moved On from the War  

What many people mistakenly assume is that when you start work again or start a new course means – to go back to who and what they were before war entered their lives. It is even a shame for some. And you may start thinking so, too.
The reality is that it is never “going back to normal”. Why? Because you have changed. War has impacted you in many, many ways and ultimately, you cannot go back to who you were before war. The real task of us all after war is to look at the pieces of ourselves, and begin to fit and form them into a new sense of identity, meaning and purpose. Generally speaking you are the same person – but there’s much that’s going to be different. Even if the war lasted for 4 days as in 2016 or even less, there is no way of avoiding emotional trauma, it would still change your perspective just from having lived and worked in another culture with different viewpoints, impressions and experiences.  So work itself can be a change.


Find Motivation Everywhere You Look

What you aren’t telling anyone is that starting a new course, learning something new is the last thing you really feel like doing. You want to get back to several days ago and maybe change something, help your war-zone friends and families of war victims. It can be very hard to feel motivated or excited about work or new courses. It may seem pointless, dull, boring – and ultimately, purposeless. 

Become more attentive to whatever happens around you and to what you can learn for yourself and for the future of the country you are living in. You never want the war to start again but you have to be ready for everything possible and impossible.


The Burden We All Have on Our Shoulders Must Become a Pile of Goals

When you stop being scared of “what ifs” and start to reconnect to your sense of inner power to create – you calm down enough to see opportunities around. You may have to think outside the box of traditional employment. You may need to take some calculated risks and take some ideas seriously – for example imagining yourself in a new sphere and taking steps to be there. 

Armenia and Artsakh are rich in people who love it and are ready to fulfil any need they have. Find the “need” you can fulfil, get to the point where you fully comprehend what you have done till now and what you can still do.


Let New Professions/Courses/Jobs Prosper Your Lives

The path to finding a new profession and a job itself can be a wonderful blessing if you let it. Use this time to really ponder what you want out of life and what you can use as an asset in the future of Armenia and Artsakh. Use this time to give yourself some breathing space. And know that no matter what, you have the power within you to move toward healing, wholeness, purpose. BDG has always motivated you through our courses and trainings and especially now will continue doing so. It is time to heal and prosper again.