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Project Management Trends in 2021

The project management landscape is changing rapidly with evolving technologies, tools, and the latest trends. And, the change doesn’t seem to slow down.

Let’s cut the chase and take a look at the emerging trends in project management happening all around the world.


The most important Project Management trends for 2021:


  • The expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Automation

    The great impact of artificial intelligence and automation can be seen and felt in the project management sector. Many companies have already started using AI in project management to perform their daily tasks that require human effort through task automation.
    What to do about it?
    First and foremost, project managers should embrace AI in project management and then learn how to leverage it for successful project completion. Once you’ve learned to leverage AI to automate data, project execution will be much easier than before. It also makes way for building meaningful relationships with your team members and clients. 

Let’s see how AI has enabled better risk estimation: We all know how deadlines are pushed ahead either due to bad estimation or unknown external factors. With artificial intelligence, you can get the right estimation of a project’s duration, costs, and progress helping you predict realistic timelines for your project.


  • Inclusion of hybrid project management approaches

    Hybrid project management refers to methods combining approaches from the traditional PM environment and the agile world. When you implement the hybrid model, you get to bring all your projects, tasks, people, and communications to one place helping you make the right business choices.

    What to do about it?
    Use discretion to understand which methodology works best for a specific project. Smart project managers are opting for a mix of agile and traditional methodology to get the best of both worlds.


  • The impact of emotional intelligence (EQ)

    You might be wondering how the ability to understand and recognize emotions has something to do with project success? Well, it does play a vital role. When TeleSmart took a survey, it was found that 58% of respondents believe that emotional intelligence is one of the strongest predictors of performance irrespective of the nature of your job.
    Managing projects go beyond defining the scope, making deadlines, deciding the budget. Project managers have to manage people as well and that means more complications.
    What to do about it?
    To deal with different personalities and ensure project success, a proper understanding of emotions (both yours and others) is required – making it a necessary leadership skill for project managers all over the globe.


  • More focus on data analytics and numbers

    Project management involves a lot of data. Project managers are increasingly leveraging data insights to make informed decisions to handle projects in a better way and increase business growth.
    Whether it’s project planning, quality management, or risk estimation, the use of big data analysis has already started shaping the project management world. The collected data is useful to learn how to form teams, the size of the team, how to include and position team members, skill sets needed to manage projects better.
    What to do about it?
    “What gets measured, gets managed” — Peter Drucker, Management Guru

    If you’re someone who doesn’t like numbers, find the tools that can do the work for you. Project analytics tools offer strategic parameters that could help you get the complete picture of all project activities.

We keep following Project Management trends. Follow us and we will share information about the latest trends with you!