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Business Development Group operates in three main areas: Professional trainings, Recruitment and Business Consulting. We contribute to the improvement of your professional skills. At the same time we support you in the recruitment of your talents in the labour market. Finally, we help you in the development and stabilization of your business.

Initiating the idea of Business Development Group, years ago the founders Hayk Kashegortsyan and Grigor Arakelyan committed their efforts into the mission of making a revolution in the employment area. Their main goal was to build a bridge between education and employment by supporting our students in finding a job. Soon afterwards, Business Development Group started cooperation with different organisations, as a result of which Business Development Group’s students got a chance to integrate into their preferred professional environment, to efficiently communicate with the leading professionals, to gain practical work experience and build solid grounds for their future career. As a result, the proactive team of Business Development Group succeeded in breaking the stereotypes, that getting second or third profession or making crucial changes in career after one’s 30s is hard or impossible nowadays in Armenia.

Today Business Development Group provides targeted and practical courses, aiming at training specialists and helping them in getting international qualifications. The main goal of BDG is to become a bridge between students and employers, and to build mutually profitable cooperation between these two sides. Business Development Group continues its active role in the field and unquestionably strives for new challenges.


Grigor Arakelyan


Hayk Kashegortsyan

Co-Founder and CEO

Business Development Group has a long way experience in delivering high quality training courses. We provide wide range of opportunities to all the people who want to develop their knowledge and become a professional in their working activity. The trainings here are dynamic and interactive, and the high level of students’ performance is guaranteed by the individual approach to each of them. BDG creates a stable platform for you to

– Fill your knowledge

– Develop your skills

– Gain a new profession

– Increase your professionalism

– Invest in your development

– Be the part of human capital.

Join us to know, to understand, to be able to do and to develop proficiency.

It’s never late to find your real mission. BDG will help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge, and find your dream job.