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How Does Celebrity Marketing Increase Brand Awareness?

What is Celebrity Marketing?

Nowadays, social networks and media take so much space that it is often impossible to imagine our life without them.
Brands have excellent knowledge of this information and use social networks and media to generate interest in the brand and make the brand more recognizable.
Interest in celebrities on social networks has grown so much that brands have prioritized collaborations with celebrities.
People want to see a face, a personality, something they can relate to. Today we present 10 examples of Celebrity Marketing that best describe how an individual can help and promote a brand.
Let’s go

  • Travis Scott and McDonald’s
    When McDonald’s teamed up with American rapper Travis Scott in September 2020, they had no idea what the results would be. Their special dish, called “Travis Scott,” was so popular that it created a shortage in supply.
    Not only did that meal become one of the best-selling menus, but it also gave Travis Scott an opportunity to improve his financial situation.
    According to Forbes, he has earned around $20 million through product sales and approvals.
    This was the first time that McDonald’s attached the name of a famous person to one of their products.
  • Michael Jordan and Nike
    One of the most notable collaborations is the partnership between Michael Jordan and Nike with the launch of the Air Jordan brand.
    Nike and Jordan show how successful a brand can be with the right celebrities and clever marketing. 
    It all started with Jordan’s NBA. Jordan was considered one of the best players in the NBA, so it was an obvious decision for Nike to sign the star. 
    Nike originally produced the iconic red and black Air Jordan I shoe, which is where it all started. Shortly after its release, the NBA banned the shoe because the colors conflicted with their “all white” shoe policy. 
    Jordan wore them anyway, but was fined $5,000 every time he wore them in court. This quickly attracted media attention and launched one of Nike’s best marketing campaigns.
    The controversy made the shoes more desirable to the consumer and sold out instantly. Even today, it is impossible to remember Michael Jordan without thinking of Nike and vice versa. This redefined the idea of what sports marketing would look like from now on․
  • Snoop Dogg and Corona
    When popular rapper Snoop Dogg partnered with Corona in August 2020, it was a huge step for both the rapper and the brand.
    During the Golden Globes, an ad featuring Snoop Dogg was aired that also featured Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny․
    In the eyes of people all over the world, the rapper remained iconic with killer outfits and a stylish phone. Snoop Dogg earned $10 million per commercial for this deal.
  • Eva Longoria and L’Oreal
    Here’s another company that used YouTube to significantly establish their brand’s place in the market. In May 2020, hair brand L’Oreal launched a partnership with soap opera actor and producer Eva Longoria.
    They came up with a number of helpful videos on YouTube. Videos were shot to promote the brand, which in addition to advertising also contained useful information, while receiving support from McCann Paris.
    Eva Longoria with long gorgeous hair fit perfectly in such an advertising format.
  • Gigi Hadid and Messika
    One of the world’s most famous models, Gigi Hadid is also the most influential celebrity on social media. For anyone familiar with her career, it’s no surprise that Gigi has many partner fashion companies competing to promote their products.
    This includes the fashion jewelry company Messika, which considers Gigi as their first ambassador. The partnership included showcasing jewelry collections at social events, and later they had collaborations.
  • Kim Kardashian and QuickTrim
    In 2012, Kardashian partnered with QuickTrim and claimed that this diet product was responsible for her weight loss.
    However, the diet pill turned out to be both unhealthy and ineffective.
    Confirmation of this fact led to a $5 million lawsuit in New York, which claimed that the Kardashians falsely evaluated the effectiveness of the product.
    Since Kim Kardashian has a large army of loyal fans, this collaboration was especially bad for her, as it led to their distrust of Kim.
    Apart from this, there was one much more important phenomenon: it ended up endangering the lives of its fans by using dangerous diet products.

Regardless of the size of your company, celebrity involvement can be a great addition to your marketing efforts. However, before closing a deal, it is important to have a clear vision of your goals and target audience.
Ultimately, it’s important that you stay true to your brand no matter who you partner with. With these basics in mind, you will surely attract those who are your target audience.

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