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Marketing Steps That No Longer work

Marketing trends are born, developed and declined over time based on historical, political, cultural and other situations at that moment.
Social networks and people contribute to any phenomenon becoming a trend. The faster the trends develop, the faster they can decline and become obsolete.
Today we are presenting 5 marketing trends that are still used, but are no longer relevant and instead of helping, they are deteriorating the marketing.
As an example of a marketing trend, let’s recall the marketing move presented years ago by the Russian Domino franchise: anyone who tattooed the image of a domino would receive 100 free pizzas for 100 years. 
As strange as it sounds, this worked quite well and many people started tattooing it on their bodies. However, when they simply posted images of their tattoos, Domino’s added a limitation to its offering. Suddenly, the company announced that only the last 350 tattooed people were entitled to the promised prize.
This was definitely the wrong move, as customers who feel offended don’t forget about it soon. In this case, everything is more complicated than it seems, because as a result of the trend, people were left with tattoos, and only 350 of them won a prize.
The company succeeded because those tattoos will be promoting it for years, but it may not be able to bring those customers back.
This is a clear example of a marketing trend, when a phenomenon becomes a trend, which begins to spread and at some point is consumed by the very people who made it a trend.
In this article, we will talk about the trends and tactics, which may not have finished yet, but certainly do not give the popularity and results predicted.

Blackhat SEO Application

In the beginning, the usage of SEO became widespread and many people began to develop SEO strategies using keywords on websites to appear on the first pages of Google.
But soon SEO techniques like keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks became more and more popular. These steps began to affect websites and increase their position in the search engine rankings, effectively practicing Blackhat SEO.
As Google gained dominance within the search engines, they implemented algorithms that penalized websites for such behavior. But this option had already damaged SEO’s reputation and was increasingly contributing to people choosing Blackhat SEO itself.
The term “SEO” is now widely used within content marketing, having been replaced by practices such as larger search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising.
Nowadays, as a result of this trend, we will not only not be able to get a good result, but we will also harm the results we have already recorded and we won’t have the opportunity to apply SEO to its full potential.

Solution: Create the best content․
Instead of relying on (or overriding) the system, create content that engages users more naturally. Use social channels to increase engagement and engage with customers.
Make your content more specific and targeted so it’s available in the right place at the right time. 

Too many emails

When we talk about marketing mistakes, we should primarily talk about spam, which originated back in the 1990s.
In its early days, email was regarded by marketers as a quick and inexpensive way to deliver a message to large numbers of potential customers almost instantly.
Marketers have also begun to understand that if they can’t protect their reputation, it may be because of junk mail.
Marketing, advertising, public relations services – are now more focused on the specific needs and wants of the customer, as opposed to the mass market approach of the last 20 years. Data collection and the email segmentation is how marketers and companies approach emails today.
By being more targeted and specific with your email, you can increase your revenue and visibility.

Solution: Use the mailing list method․
It is more beneficial to send the email to all subscribers at once, than to send the same email to every person who will be on your mailing list (and don’t forget to use BCC), use the data you have at your disposal. Take the time to understand the mailing list by delving into analytics and contact profiles.
It would be pointless to send emails to everyone in a row, so it is necessary to study the information we have and use it in your best interest.
Create and edit content according to preferences. This is very important, especially for marketing companies, because every step and activity can wear itself out very quickly
Choose the right target, work long on emails and give special importance to the subject of the email, making it targeted and to the point.

Mismanagement of Social Networks Networks

Networks created to bridge the gap of time and space between friends and colleagues, lose their charm when brands enter the market.
About paid advertising: from the first Facebook ad in 2005 to tweets and Twitter accounts, advertising is a way for companies to maintain awareness and deliver the services we love.
Companies open pages on social platforms without any strategy. This means that when a business starts operating on a social platform, it is not always necessary for other businesses to do so.
Operating on the right social platforms is crucial for business. Without understanding what you are going to do on a given social website, you cannot do a proper job.
There are certain actions that are simply no longer acceptable and do not work. Publishing the same content on all social platforms, working without a strategy, participating in trends without realizing their necessity for your business, etc.
These steps do not serve any real purpose: they will not give recognition, they will not increase the quality of the brand, they will not increase followers, etc.

Solution: Communicate with your audience individually
Different platforms have different audiences. Just as you use the data you have to manage your emails, you can (and should) do the same with your social networks. Manage your content and understand what needs to be published and in which social platforms.
Even if you are followed by almost the same people on all platforms, remember that each platform has its own algorithms and it is necessary to analyze and choose the right steps for them
Honesty towards the customer
There are some marketing gimmicks that are outdated and there are people that are just plain wrong. There are many tactics for attracting potential customers, proven methods that increase sales, but there are times when these steps lead to bad and sometimes irreversible results
We visit a website, read interesting content, and sign up for free bonus material by giving our name and email address. However, some companies go too far in this matter.
At some point, you realize that, apparently, you have signed something that implies a permanent subscription, receiving emails, being notified of promotions and more. This situation puts a person in an uncomfortable situation.

Solution: Be honest
As a company that prides itself on honesty and integrity, you should believe that users should be treated like family. Prospecting is based on user behavior and feedback, not on an unfairly acquired mailing list.
It is necessary to educate these potential customers, to develop relationships with customers at each stage. Once you have a list of people who might be interested in your product or service, reach out to them in a sincere, honest, and specific way.
When designing marketing steps, it is necessary to understand and realize that apart from the process of finding a customer, you need to understand how you will keep that customer.
Long and thorough work will help to make correct and precise decisions and choose such steps that will give short-term and long-term results.
Follow marketing trends, but use them only when you are sure that they will help the brand to become more recognizable, popular, reliable and will increase the number of loyal customers.

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