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Myths That Prevent Self-Development

We often have a problem moving forward, changing careers, taking a step, or simply experiencing self-development. In life, we all face the problem of having a desire or goal that requires action, but we are either afraid, or don’t have enough time, or lack the motivation to achieve it. 
Given the fact that many of us have this problem and the reasons that prevent many of us from achieving success, which have become myths, we decided to present the 5 most common myths that hinder our self-development and self-expression the most.

1. You always have to live up to other people’s expectations in order to be successful/happy/loved.

We often forget about our desires and live other people’s lives: getting the wrong education, marrying the wrong person, working in the wrong job. All because someone tells us, prompts us, consciously or unconsciously pushes us to it.
For example, there are families where parents pass on their unrealized dreams, goals, etc. to the child.
Thus, a person loses his true SELF because he is afraid to enter into a conflict with his loved ones.
In such situations, it is important to remember one thing: happiness in life and the result of self-development depend on you. If you are not the main and primary character in your life or you live and take steps based only on the opinion of friends, relatives or family members, then sooner or later you will face an incomplete and incomplete life.
Trust yourself and move forward taking risks, in a self-confident and concrete way.

2. You have to quit your job to follow your dream. But then how to live?

To survive in this world you need to earn, that’s a fact. When you have obligations, a family or a mortgage, you need money.
If your favorite job does not bring income, you should work in another way or in another position. This does not mean that you are betraying yourself.
Writer Thomas Eliot worked part-time in a bank. Another writer, Kurt Vonnegut, sold cars. One of the greatest composers of our time, Philip Glass, started making money in his profession only at the age of 41. His works premiered at the Metropolitan Opera, but he continued to work as a technician and, in any event, renewed his taxi license. Composer Philip Glass worked as a plumber for many years.
Just follow your goal and organize your time and energy to support it. Maybe gradually it will start to bring you income, or you will find such an activity that will not be so tiring and will leave strength for professional occupations. Take all the steps to achieve your goals, but remember that you will succeed only if you coordinate everything and trust in your abilities.

3. It is necessary to spend a lot of time on the goal, and I do not have time.

Everyone has a number of commitments and time constraints, personal and work. It seems unreal to leave everything and devote all the time to only one goal. However, spending a little time each day is better than doing nothing at all.
Find 10 minutes a day and it will be enough to take the first steps. Finding time for the goal requires daily effort. As soon as there is a pause, get to work.
10 minutes can be found everywhere:

  • 10 minutes while the kettle boils,
  • 10 minutes while the machine dries the clothes,
  • 10 minutes of advertising during the series,
  • 10 minutes in traffic and so on.
    Finding 10 minutes is possible, but it is important to use it correctly and take even small steps towards the goal.
    Spending 10 minutes a day and reaching the goal will not be a big problem.

4. I will reach the goal and then I can rest

Let’s imagine that you want to learn to ride a bicycle. At first you learn to sit on a bicycle, it doesn’t work, you try again, you fall, you hurt your leg, your hand or just cause yourself pain. You learn to drive over time. In fact, you have reached your goal, but is it not necessary to ride a bike anymore, develop that skill and enjoy it more? There is a more important point: if you stop riding, you will soon not be able to ride a bike at all. This means that it takes a lot of effort to achieve your dream, but you need to make no less effort to maintain that success, otherwise you will lose what you have achieved so far.
There are thousands of examples to explain this phenomenon: someone lost 10 kg, then started eating unhealthy food, stopped playing sports or abused fatty foods and gained 15 kg as a result. Another wanted to learn English, but he kept missing classes and as a result he did not get a quality English education or qualification.
We may conclude that you cannot stop in the middle of the realization of the goal. Self-development requires stability and movement. You will always be in the tempo, you will succeed, otherwise you will be limited to only 1 success.

5. Just do what you love and the money will find its way to you.

If you have already found your favorite business, job, hobby, it is still not enough to earn. You need to know how to promote yourself and your work. You need a strategy and a development plan, otherwise your favorite business will remain at the entertainment level.
When you look at your hobby as a business, think about the development strategy and start gradually implementing the plan, only then you will start earning. To do this, it is not necessary to immediately leave work and completely switch to a hobby. You can first engage in the development of a new direction parallel to the main work. The main thing is to stick to the plan, and one day you will be able to safely leave work to go to your favorite business.
Oksana has a hobby – she makes amazing dolls. At the same time, her main job is an engineer. Since she never cared if there are people who want to buy his dolls and does not consider her hobby as a source of income, she does not switch from her main job to, let’s say, her profession. But this is her choice, and such a choice is sometimes crowned with success.

So, we talked about the most common myths that prevent us from changing work, developing, growing, improving, self-development. If you also have this problem and are familiar with at least one of these myths, then it’s time for you to accept their unreal nature and move forward, investing all your strength in the realization of your goal or dream.
We wish all of you good luck and we are certain that you will succeed.

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