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2 options for cooperation



  • individual program
  • guaranteed quality
  • clear measurement of results


  • preliminary selection of candidates
  • monitoring capability
  • a collaborative project

What courses we had?

Upgrade training

Duration: 5 lessons / 12.5h

  • Leadership and motivation
  • Successfully managing remotely
  • Connection to the team
  • Tools for effective planning

Persuasive verbal and non-verbal business communication

Duration: 9 lessons / 15h

  • Business negotiations
  • Image of the organization
  • Perceptual errors, and what precedes communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Լistening skill
Automation QA

Duration: 24 lessons / 60h

  • Transition from manual to automation QA
  • Database access
  • Python collections
  • Branch management – Git/GitHub
Data tables and whаt-if analysis

Duration: 9 lessons / 18 h

  • Study of Excel, Tableau, Power BI programs
  • Improvement of analyzing skills
  • Report creation and data analysis
  • Development of the skills of employees

Duration: 7 lessons / 17.5 h

  • Calculations in excel
  • Text, time and date functions
  • Statistical and mathematical functions
  • Logical, search, reference and informational functions
  • Discussion and solution of various problems
Agile Project Management

Duration: 20 lessons / 50 h

  • Interactive, practical lessons
  • Development of soft skills
  • A detailed study of methodologies
  • Project management improvement in an operational team
Sales Skills

Duration: 3 lessons / 18 h

  • Psychological preparation of the sales manager
  • Acquaintance and dialogue
  • Identification of customer needs
  • Presentation and argumentation
  • Handling of customer objections and concerns
  • Price negotiations
Project Management Fundamentals Course

Duration: 16 lessons / 40 h

  • 12 principles of Project Management
  • Project Management domains: people, processes, business environment
  • Prerequisite knowledge necessary for the PMP certification exam
  • Real Project Management tools and techniques
  • Discussion and analytics of practical cases
Product Management Course

Duration: 16 lessons / 32 h

  • Product Development Lifecycle
  • Product Discovery
  • Product/Market Fit
  • User-centric Product Design
  • Feature building
  • Agile methodology
Business Analysis Essentials

Duration: 16 lessons / 32 h

  • How to find out and define business problems?
  • How to gather and document business requirements?
  • How to turn those requirements into functional specifications?
  • How to analyze business and work processes?
SQL Fundamentals

Duration: 16 lessons / 32 h

  • Database basics
  • Database schema and SQL basics building
  • Work with the SELECT statement
  • Analysis with aggregate functions
  • Request tables
  • Execution of nested queries
Copywriting Course for Beginners

Duration: 16 lessons / 32 h

  • Secrets of getting acquainted with the customer and accurately presenting the product
  • Accurate trigger usage
  • Headings, techniques of text structure formation
  • Copywriting in email marketing
  • Copywriting on websites
Management Course

Duration: 16 lessons / 32 h

  • Problem solving techniques
  • Constructive/Critical Thinking
  • Stress management
  • Enneagram Basics
  • Change management
  • Project management
Service Course

Duration: 16 lessons / 32 h

  • How to provide quality customer service?
  • Pyramid of Loyalty
  • Maintenance phases
  • Customer Service by Enneagram Type
  • Conflicts and their possible solution options
People Management Fundamentals

Duration: 16 lessons / 32 h

  • Understand the fundamentals of people management and its importance in
    achieving organizational goals.
  • Develop the skills needed to effectively manage and lead teams, including
    communication, delegation, motivation, and conflict resolution.
  • Learn how to provide constructive feedback and performance evaluations to team
Why choose
BDG as a corporate
  • Individual program and methodology developed for each partner
  • We design, develop and analyze the project from start to finish
  • Measuring the effectiveness of cooperation:
    examination, analysis of opinions, report format.
  • Formation of a dedicated team to implement the entire project
  • Quality assurance mechanisms
  • Discussion of the place, program and methodology of the course coordination
    with partner organization
  • Flexible pricing policy

Individually developed
program and methodology

We Collaborate with the best ones

We are trusted by well-established, successful companies that prioritize education. We are certain that education will lead us to success․

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2 possible options for cooperation

Qualified and experienced trainers

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Application of methodology corresponding to international standards

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