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Automation QA

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Automation QA

Automation QA

Automation testing is an essential part of IT companies which allows you to detect and prevent possible errors, bugs, and build perfect websites and apps.

The demand for QA professionals is really high both in the world and in Armenia. In employment positions, we constantly meet available vacancies for QA professionals.

BDG launches an “Automation QA” course which will help you develop the skills needed for Software Test Development. You’ll be able to use them for building automated Framework / Tools tests.

During the course, our students will also gain knowledge in Java programming which is required for automated QA. In the second part of the course, our students will learn the Selenium tool.

Business Development Group provides the following benefits to the participants:

✔ All participants will receive a 20% discount for other “Business Development Group” trainings,
✔ You’ll also get a 10% discount card that you can give anyone to participate in any of our trainings,
✔ The practical tasks prevail during the course as a means of mastering the material. Therefore, contact with the trainer and the delivery of the material continues beyond the working hours.

Phase 1
Java essential training for automation QA
engineers (28 hours)

Lesson 1
Introduction and benefits of automation QA. (2 hours)

Lesson 2
Introduction to Java 9, IDE and environment setup.(2 hours)

Lesson 3
Variables and primitive data types. (2 hours)

Lesson 4
User defined functions and Strings. (4 hours)

Lesson 5
Arrays and ArrayLists. (2 hours)

Lesson 6
Decision-making statements and loops. (6 hours)

Lesson 7
Using libraries for extra functionality and debugging.(2 hours)

Lesson 8
Objected oriented programming. (4 hours)

Lesson 9
Abstract classes and interfaces. (2 hours)

Lesson 10
Web / desktop / mobile application structures. (2 hours)

Lesson 11

Exam and interview questions. (2 hours)

Phase 2
Selenium training (18 hours)

Lesson 1
Preparing environment and learning developer tools. (2 hours)

Lesson 2
Selenium WebDriver capabilities and Locators. (2 hours)

Lesson 3
Introduction and usage of TestNG. (2 hours)

Lesson 4
Selenium WebElements and Page Objects. (2 hours)

Lesson 5
Selenium maintainability and cross-browser support. (2 hours)

Lesson 6
Introduction to selenium server, running tests nternally/externally. (2 hours)

Lesson 7
Advanced usage and introduction to continuous integration. (2 hours)

Lesson 8
Practical testing challenges Automation demo (Selenium + Java) (2 hours)

Lesson 9
Preparing for QA interview (2 hours)