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Java/Spring fr.

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Java/Spring fr.

Java/Spring fr.

Which programming language offers great opportunities? Sure, the Java language does. 40.2% of developers in the world use Java. In fact, Java remains the most in-demand programming language for many years as it has a number of important features․

• Java is a simple language
• Java has a list of libraries and frameworks
• Java has a large community
• Java has technical great capabilities
• Java is one of the most popular languages
• Java works in any environment, regardless of the operating system

These important tips will help you make the right decision. Java allows you to start an IT career and have a high-paying job. BDG is here to help you, as always.

We are implementing the “Java” course together with the RA Ministry of HTI. This course has a goal to help everyone get a quality education and a required, high-paying job, deepen professional knowledge and have a career growth.

This course is for…

• Students
• Businesses that struggled because of the Covid-19 (tourism, service sector, etc.)
• Beginners in the IT industry
• IT professionals
• Anyone who wants to get a basic, technical education in the IT field

This course offers

• Knowledge of Java and Spring Framework
• Advanced knowledge of Java programming language
• Knowledge of programming basics,
• Ability to solve typical programming problems
• Ability to create applications
• Method of entry and exit in Java, maven tool, Spring Framework.

How to apply?

• Fill in the registration form
• Take an online test
• Wait for the specialist call

This program is for 18-year-old individuals from Yerevan and 16-year-old individuals from the Republic of Artsakh and other regions of Armenia who will pass the course admission procedure and correspond with the program’s goals.

The participants must have the necessary basic knowledge of English and mathematics, computer and Internet skills, logical thinking skills.

The course will consist of theoretical and practical parts, implementation of projects.

The course will be conducted online through licensed “Zoom” software. Typeform and Google Form systems will be used to test the work independently which allow you to automatically check and evaluate solved problems.

By the end of the course, an online exam / test will be conducted. The students’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills will be tested.

The students with the best results (80% and higher rate) will be reimbursed 10% of the pay.

The trainers:

William Arustamyan 
Luiza Kharatyan 
Tigran Saribekyan 
Hovhannes Tonakanyan 
Aren Mailyan 
Tigran Hovsepyan 
Edgar Ayvazyan 
Sergey Tantushyan – Master class