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PHP: Full Knowledge

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PHP: Full Knowledge

PHP: Full Knowledge

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language, which is intensively used in web development. It is one of the leading programming languages used to create dynamic websites.
The most important characteristics of PHP language are simplicity, efficiency, ability to work with various data bases.
Target audience:
1. The beginners who want to work as programmers,
2. Professionals who already master other programming languages and want to learn another demanded language,
3. The students of technical universities.
The programme of the course can be found here: http://bit.ly/2JkSkXE
The main benefits of the course:
✔ The course will be held in PBL (Project-based learning) format,
✔ The practical tasks prevail during the course as means of mastering the material. Therefore, the contact with the trainer and the delivery of the material continues beyond the working hours.
Additional benefits of the course:
✔ All participants will also receive a 20% discount for other “”Business Development Group”” trainings,
✔ You’ll also get a 10% discount card that you can give anyone to participate in any of our trainings.
For more detailed information contact us: 098/099 451596.

Փուլ I

Դաս 1
Server. what is request and response, local server

Դաս 2
Php syntax, about php versions, short code parts

Դաս 3
Variables, types, array types

Դաս 4
If, switch case, for, while, do while, for each

Դաս 5
Functions for working with array & string

Դաս 6
What is mysql, mysql versions, simple codes with mysql

Դաս 7
About ui for mysql,phpMyAdmin, sqlYog, connecting mysql to php, short examples for mysql with php

Դաս 8
Start little project, auth with php, login page, registration page

Դաս 9
Registration process, login process

Դաս 10
Account page avatar update process

Դաս 11
Logout, summary of the results, sending request with php curl

Դաս 12
Summary of the results CURL, fast questions about course

Դաս 13

Փուլ II

Դաս 1
OOP, what is OOP, basics of OOP

Դաս 2
Class, object, static elements

Դաս 3
Abstract class, interfaces

Դաս 4
Traits, Polymorphism, inheritance

Դաս 5
Mvc, about patterns mvc pattern basics

Դաս 6
Design core of custom mvc

Դաս 7
Router, request types, about request types

Դաս 8

Դաս 9,10

Դաս 11,12
Login and registration with mvc

Դաս 13

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