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PPC Practical Course

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PPC Practical Course

PPC Practical Course

Do you want your ad to appear when people look for the product or service you offer? Pay per Click or PPC ads will help you with that.

The reason you need PPC ads

➤ You only pay when the visitor clicks on your ad and visits your site

➤ It’s possible to clearly understand whether the investment is effective or not


We launch the PPC Practical Course, which will help you step by step…

➤Develop a strategy

➤Select ad types

➤Make a keyword research

➤Optimize ads

➤Create a remarketing list and strategy

➤Define target audiences

The course is for the beginners. By the end of the course you will be a junior specialist.

Basic English and math knowledge, browsing skills are required for participating in this course.

The course consists of practical lessons, assignments and discussions.


Business Development Group will give you the following benefits:

➤ 20% discount card for other trainings of “Business Development Group”.

➤10% discount card that you can give to your friends to participate in any of our courses.

➤Classes that are filled with practical tasks for reinforcing the material. Therefore, the connection with the trainers and the acquisition of the material continues even outside of training hours.

Lesson 1
The Basics- Foundation Ads Overview

  • What It Is
  • How It Works (vs SEO)
  • Who It Works For
  • Who It Doesn’t Work For
  • How And Where Do Ads Appear
  • How The Auction System Works
  • How Keywords Work

Lesson 2
Keyword Research

  •  Using Google Keyword Planner
  •  Keyword Types
  •  Negative Keywords
  •  Writing Ad Copy
  •  Ad Copy Types
  •  Ad Extensions

Lesson 3
Setting Up A Search Campaign

  • How To Set Up An Account
  • Exploring the AdWords Interface
  • How To Create Your First Campaign
  • The Process of Creating Ads

Lesson 4
Setting Up Your First Campaign

  • Account Structure
  • Fundamental Thinking And Outlining Before You Begin
  • Choosing Your Campaign Type
  • Ad Design Basics

Lesson 5
Important metrics to check

  • Optimizations tips
  •  Schedules
  •  Locations

Lesson 6

  • Audience Set Up
  • Observation vs Targeting
  • Bid modifiers

Lesson 7

  • Display ads
  • Audience Types

Lesson 8

  • Tracking & remarketing
  •  Analytics (GTM)
  •  Conversion Tracking

Lesson 9

Տեխնիկական տվյալներ.

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