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Python: Fundamental course


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Python: Fundamental course

Python: Fundamental course

Python is a widely-used programming language which is building plugins, scripts, websites, created for scientific purposes. Python is considered the top programming language.

The demand for Python programmers is high and, in addition, the passion for IT industry is constantly growing․ That’s the reason why BDG decided to launch “Python. Web Development” “course. 

The course is designed for:

  • Beginners,
  • Programmers without Python experience,
  • Programmers who want to change programming language into Python.

This course will help participants improve programming skills, learn the basic concepts of Python language. By the end of the course participants will be able to develop code.

BDG conducts the course with the following methods: lectures, assignments, discussions, homework, program-based training and exam.

The basic knowledge of mathematics and computer skills are required.

Business Development Group provides the following benefits to the participants:

✔ All participants will receive a 20% discount for other “Business Development Group” trainings,

✔ You’ll also get a 10% discount card that you can give anyone to participate in any of our trainings,

✔ The practical tasks prevail during the course as means of mastering the material. Therefore, the contact with the trainer and the delivery of the material continues beyond the working hours.

Lesson 1


• What programming is, and what programming is NOT !

Programming is EASY!

Knowing each other

About Python:

A bit of story about python (Meeeeet Guido van Rossum, who
made pyt)

2) Features of Python (Simple, Easy to learn, Open Source, High-
level, Interpreted, object-oriented, COMMUNITY!, Extensive

3) What You can do with Python? (Web, Sofware, Q\A scripting,
4) Who Python Developer is !? Programming is about FUN! (When
You're a Python guy)
5) What to answer to Java boy that starts arguing that Java is

• PEP 20 -- The Zen of Python (What PythonEnchasmentProtocol
is? Fun facts PEP 401)

• Python2 vs Python3 (Never ever say Python2, it's deprecated)

Configuring environment, installation of Python, Pycharm

Lesson 2

• Class starts with Zen of Python (Python is not just a
programming language it is a lifestyle like Niva xD)

• Indents ARE important! Learning the scopes

• print("hello world")

• Variables (Python Data Types)

1) Numeric
2) Boolean
3) String
4) List and Tuple (What's the difference?)
5) Dictionary
6) None
• One Line Comments

"Programming is really EASY !":
• if - else: Conditional expression
• Some cuttiiieeee program with if and else
• Programming is GOOGLE-ing, Learn how to take input in Python
from Google

"Now remove Your program. The skills of refactoring. PEP8 is
always more elegant than Black":
• What is PEP8? Every road leads to PEP8!
• Configuring our IDLE for pep8
• Refactor/ Restyle our small cutie program

Lesson 3
"Operators and Expressions, WE CAN CODE!":

• Class starts with the Zen of Python
• Surpirseeeee!!! We are learning addition and multiplication!
• Hello grade 3, Modulo and power
• Even harder!!! AND and OR
• More, less, less than or equal to...
• Equal, not Equal
• Seriously? This is how You code? boolean NOT!

• While loop, while else (Though have never seen it being used)
• For (On what and when can we use it?)
• Break and Continue, What these guys do?

Lesson 4

• Why do we need them? Code duplication is BAAAD!
• Parameters and Arguments
• I want to use the value from my function, but I can't! Don't cry,
RETURN your value!
• I don't want to burn in hell!!! What to do?: USE DocStrings
Here, we further do exercising with teams...
1. Not comfortable right? The idea behind VCS (Just discuss them,
to know that they exist)
2. If we will have enough time we will make some practice

Lesson 5

• Errors and Exceptions
• Errors should never pass silently. Unless explicitly
silenced...Handling the exception! Try, Except blocks
• Raising the Exception!
• Three things God loves, what we missed? Try... Except...
• You're Lazy to write Try, Except and Finally? God blesses You.
The WITH statement.
• “HackerRank“:

Lesson 6

"You can reuse code with functions. What if you want to reuse a
number of functions in other programs that you write?":

• The from ... import statement
• There is this thing, You have to know but never use! Wildcard!
• A module's __name__
• Byte-compiled .pyc files ...

• hierarchy of organizing your program
• __init__.py
Discuss the topics we want to learn on 7th class based on our

Lesson 7
"Catch-up class“

Lesson 8

"What are four basic principles of Object Oriented Programming?":
• Short preview of what class is...
• Create empty class
• TONNES OF THEORY! Encapsulation, we start architecturing our
animal class with cats and dogs
• Cell phones are complex. But using them is simple. Abstraction
• Inheritance, Person Class!! Who the hack I AM !? Am I inherited
from Person or Car Class?
• We’re down to the most complex word! Polymorphism

Lesson 9
"Bye Bye Tones of theory, WE WILL IMPLEMENT YOU!"
• I am GRUTT. The self
• Methods
• The __init__ method
• Class And Object Variables
• Inheritance Let's finally find out whether I am a car or a person!
• it's a kind of magic METHODS!

Lesson 10

• Start Coding! Hacker Rank, Problems, Hands on keyboard! (Code

Lesson 11

• Decide on the project, Maybe a small website, API? or
handwritten digits recognition with ML?

Lesson 12

• Start learning some USEFUL frameworks, maybe FLASK or

Lesson 13

• Work Together

Lesson 14

• Databases basics

Lesson 15

• Work Together and Submit our code to GitHub.

Lesson 16

• Work Together and Submit our code to GitHub. Think of updates
we want to make.

Lesson 17

• Work Together

Lesson 18

• Finalize our project and YEAH we will damn dockerize it (People
with windows will strugle) (Sure sure.. 1st we will learn what
docker is :D) maybe we will also add some ci/cd stuff )

Lesson 19

• You Are not a BOSS, Because I am the interviewer (We will have
job Interview Theatre to know our minuses)

Lesson 20

• Cover what we missed

Lesson 21

• Unit tests, testing with python

Lesson 22
Design Patterns:
• Creational design patterns
• Structural design patterns
• Behavioral design patterns

Lesson 23

• Cover what we missed 15 What are the next steps... From project
to Product, The guide to self learning. (Kind of consultation

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