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Technical Recruitment

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Technical Recruitment

Technical Recruitment

The quality staff recruitment is of tremendous importance, and the head of each organisation aims at building a highly efficient and competitive team. As the traditional methods (job announcements, job interviews, etc.) become old-fashioned, new methods come along.

Now the employers tend to have multifunctional, flexible and open-minded employees, and more importantly, recruitment specialists who will find those professionals.

So, if you are: 

  1. HR who wants a transition into Technical Recruitment,
  2. A junior recruiter,
  3. Starting a career in HR,
  4. A student of HR Management course.

As a result of the course you will have an overall understanding of technical recruitment, engineering teams, structures. You will learn about the recruitment strategy, sourcing, inmail writing, headhunting, messaging, personal branding, employer branding, recruitment metrics, technical recruitment, etc. And last but not least, you will have sufficient technical grounds to start a career in Technical Recruitment.

The course consists of such processes as lectures, real tasks, real hunting sessions, home tasks, games and an examination for certification at the end.

For participation to the course you just need to have a good knowledge of English, some HR experience and willingness to learn.

Now let’s talk about the additional benefits of the course:

✔ All participants will also receive a 20% discount for other “Business Development Group” trainings,

✔ You’ll also get a 10% discount card that you can give anyone to participate in any of our trainings,

✔ The practical tasks prevail during the course as means of mastering the material. Therefore, the contact with the trainer and the delivery of the material continues beyond the working hours.

Դաս 1
Strategic Recruitment

• Recruitment intro & evolution
• Strategic alignment
• Internal / External Environment Analysis
• Types of recruitment: active/passive,

Դաս 2
Recruiter Profile

• Understanding the LinkedIn sections
• How to build a profile that stands out?
• Building your profile from a scratch (Notebooks
• SEO optimization

Դաս 3
Sourcing Fundamentals

• What is sourcing?
• Resources and tools to use
• Boolean Logic, operators
• Boolean Strings, simple strings, LinkedIn

Դաս 4

• LinkedIn Recruiter, interface/tools
• Advanced Strings
• CSE (Custom Search Engines), creation and
• Advanced Search Techniques
• X-Ray

Դաս 5,6
Hunting / Messaging

• Why Headhunting?
• Messaging techniques
• Communication. networking techniques
• Crafting the best offer

Դաս 7
Employer Branding

• Employer branding importance
• Benefits of EB
• How to create a strong EB?
• Social Media Engagement
• Creating EVP
• Brand Ambassadors

Դաս 8
Sum up

• Recruiter effectiveness
• Recruitment Metrics that matter
• Tracking your effectiveness

Դաս 9

Օրերը և ժամերը՝ չորեքշաբթի՝ 19:00 և շաբաթ՝ 14:00
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