Hayk Kashegortsyan

Hayk Kashegortyan

Hayk Kashegortsyan

Co-founder and CEO of Business Development Group

Hayk Kashegortsyan is convinced that everyone has the opportunity to create a professional career of his thoughts and dreams.

Hayk Kashegortsyan’s education is an interesting mix of technical and financial fields. He has started his career in accounting, where he got acquainted with Grigor Arakelyan. Hayk has over 8 years of experience in the financial field. He has also been involved in the import and wholesale of professional construction tools. But he has always imagined himself doing business and started a small business besides work.

“When I was 22, we started a project of a pub (BRISTOL PUB) with my friends, which was our first successful project, and what was interesting that we were able to sell that business at the best possible time,” says Hayk.

Business Development Group had been initiated conducting accounting trainings with Grigor, while Hayk worked as a chief accountant. In the course of time, they realized that there is a great demand today for quality and differentiated education, as well as a great gap between the demands of the employer and the capabilities of the employees. They began expanding their training areas and became competitive both in terms of diversity and quality of the knowledge they delivered.

“My vision for BDG is a company that is most competitive in Armenia, providing quality education and innovative approaches according to international standards, where learning will be both exciting and absolutely effective. Our students will be involved in more and more projects and get the opportunity to be employed by the best Armenian companies. We are changing the attitude towards education,” says Hayk.

My Expirience
  • Co-founder and CEO of “KORIZ” marketing agency
  • Co-founder and CEO of “Fortuna Business School LLC” (Business Development Group)
  • Co-founder and CEO of “Practic Business Training” (consulting and educational program)