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Andrey Golovanov

Andrey Golovanov

Andrey Golovanov

Business owner, business trainer, sales expert Andrey Golovanov is the author of the “Practicum” project.

“Practicum” is a sales management training program for B2B and B2C companies. Andrey Golovanov has a proven experience as a sales training specialist. He will be giving all his knowledge and skills to the “Sales DNA” three-day training course participants. 

In 4 years Golovanov has conducted more than 300 training sessions and master-classes for over 100 different organizations in 27 cities of Armenia, Russia, Canada, Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Most of his training graduates have doubled their monthly income in a half-year.

Strategies have primary importance in digital marketing. It helps us clearly understand the goals and ways of achieving them.