Arman Grigoryan

Arman Grigoryan

Arman Grigoryan | Management trainer

In 2011 Arman started to help Chief Engineer with the Projects of the company and got promotion to Junior Project Manager, then to Project Manager and further the Commercial Director of the company in 2014. During his career in ESKM Arman participated in more than 15 projects in construction, IT, Telecommunications and etc. From 2015-2017 he made his Masters Degree in ATC (Master of Agribusiness). After graduation in 2017, Arman obtained his PMP certification, then in 2019, he added up PSM-I and SSYB certifications.


Arman has graduated ERIICTA (European Regional Academy in the Caucasus).


Arman works as an Agile Project Manager in PrimeProjekt and also gives lectures of Project Management in ATC for Masters Degree students.