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HR Accounting

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Hayk G. and Armen P. /

Hayk G. and Armen P.

Hayk G․ and Armen P․

Hayk G. and Armen P.

Hayk works at “Premier Foods” LLC as the Head of Sales and Analysis Logistics Coordinator, as well as works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Informatics at the Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction as an assistant.

Armen works as a Chief Financial Officer at “Heifer Project International” in Armenia. He is the founder of “MS Excel Funs” group.


Hayk is The Cybernetics Department at State Engineering University of Armenia graduate In 2011 he defended his dissertation and was awarded the degree of candidate of technical Sciences. Armen graduated from ASUE Faculty of Finance in 2008. He is a member of NASA and has many professional qualifications.


Hayk also worked at “LIA-K GROUP” and “SAS GROUP” as a financial and sales analyst. Armen worked as a chief accountant at “BetConstract” and as an auditor at “G&CO Audit Group”.