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Shushan Tonoyan

Shushan Tonoyan

Artist, Graphic Designer

As an artist Shushan has had 2 personal exhibitions:
– October, 2015, “Insomnia” exhibition of graphic works
– October, 2018, “Blurred Dreams” photo exhibition-intallation.
As a computer graphic specialist she has worked:
– 2014-2015, Dogfish magazine, as Executive Designer,
– 2015, Radio Aurora, as a Graphic Designer
– 2017, Multy Wellness Center, as a Graphic Designer
– 2017-2018, at POS-Bar & Eatery as a Creative Designer,
– 2016 and on, at Say CheeZe Photo Atelier as a Founder and Chief Photographer,
– 2017 and on, at Trace Graphic School as a Founder and Trainer of Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premier Pro, Corel Draw.

My education

Shushan has graduated from the department of Graphic Design and Applied Arts of Yerevan State Art Academy

My experiance

Shushan has over 6 years of experience in Graphic Design. She is a co-founder and trainer of ``Art-Marketing Trainings``, a co-founder and master of “Bow Tie” from Shushan workshop, founder and designer of ``HAY Stickers Project``, co-founder and photographer of ``SAY CHEEZE`` photo atelier.