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Trainers, Speakers, Experienced Professionals

The success of every training is guaranteed by an experienced and professional trainer. Today we can confidently state, that we have succeeded in developing a wide network of highly qualified trainers. Over time it keeps expanding and involving the leaders of the corresponding fields. Due to the developments and changes of new trends and demands in labour market, we collaborate also with trainers from abroad as well. The mission of our trainers is to give you targeted and practic knowledge and skills by the most efficient modern methods. Along with the professional qualities, we also value the personal qualities of our trainers. We highly appreciate the student-trainer relationship, and have designed a culture, where every student has opportunity to work with the trainer individually. Our trainers lead you to a more sustanable future.

Python: Web Development

Agile Project Manager, Scrum Consultant, Agile Coach

Economist, Accountant, Tax Consultant

IT Recruiter, Headhunter, Strategic Planner

Sales Professional

Artist, Graphic Designer

PHP Developer

Software Engineer

Product Manager

Project Management Consultant

HR Accounting Specialist, Chief Accountant

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Automation/Manual)

Senior QA Engineer

Digital Marketing Specialist

Head of Financial Planning and Internal Audit

Sr. Front-end Engineer

Digital marketing expert

Senior Javascript Developer

Digital Marketing Expert


Sales Expert

Digital Marketing Expert

Head of a team of graphic designers

Digital Marketing Expert

Financier, economist

Business Strategy

Software Engineer

Software engineer