Will We Avoid Spoilers with Telegram’s NEW Feature?

Telegram is a popular instant messaging (IM) app and one of WhatsApp‘s biggest rivals. The company actively develops new features that are usually original and innovative. 

Let’s look at its new feature for avoiding spoilers!

Spoilers are the worst, you can try to avoid spoilers by muting keywords on Twitter or staying offline till you watch the movie, even avoiding people who have watched the movies. Spoilers are so hated that at the height of the Avengers: Endgame hype, Malaysian Ng Khai Yong created a Google Chrome extension which blocked out all spoilers for the movie.

Telegram is one of the best messengers around if you care about features. It offers support for incredibly large groups (200,000 people), comes with extensive theming support, and has barely any size limits for file sharing. It looks like the developers behind the service are looking to add yet another intriguing feature none of the competitors supports: Spoiler styling for chats — finally, a way to talk about Spiderman: No Way Home.

Telegram enthusiasts often wonder why other apps are still  more popular, despite not receiving as many new features as Telegram. The latest addition to the feature-rich IM could be spoiler alerts. The company is developing a new text formatting option to mark a certain message as a spoiler. 

The option can be found in the same row as the option to bold or italicize text. The text will be sent as a scramble of dots and the message will only appear after tapping the text bubble. The feature is similar to iMessage’s Invisible Ink. The latter is still being tested. Not much is known about it or when it will be available to Beta testers let alone when it will make its public debut. But the assumption is that the feature will be available on all Telegram platforms as the company releases updates simultaneously.

This change is still under development and not available to the public yet. Once released, users will be able to select text and mark it as a spoiler before sending it. This will pixelate the message until a recipient clicks on it to reveal its content. The video recording demonstrates the feature on the iOS version of the app. However, it’s safe to assume that Android users will also be able to take advantage of it when the company releases it.

A post in the Telegram subreddit (via Dylan Roussel) reveals that the messenger could soon support hiding potentially sensitive or movie-spoiling text. In the screen recording, we can see that the option is hidden in the long-press styling menu that shows up when you select text. Once you hit send, you’ll notice that the sent message is replaced with a fuzzy pixelated placeholder instead of the actual words and sentences. The original text only shows up when you tap it. 

There isn’t any note that the content hidden in the chat is supposed to be a spoiler other than a small eye icon, so you and your friends might need to get used to the new format first. It’s also possible that Telegram will implement a proper spoiler warning before the feature goes live. While it looks like nothing but text will be supported in the beginning, we wouldn’t be surprised if the app also hid media in the same fashion later down the road. The screencast additionally only showcases the feature in a channel, so it’s possible that spoiler styling is limited to these at first and isn’t coming to one-to-one or group chats at first, but that remains to be seen.

Right now, we only have a video of the Telegram iPhone app at our disposal, but given that the messenger is cross-platform, it would be weird if only Apple devices were to support spoilers. It’s more than likely that the styling would launch on all platforms at once, including Android.

So, to sum up, Telegram is working on a new feature to hide spoilers. This modification is still in the works and is not yet available to the general public. Users will be able to select text and mark it as a spoiler before sending it once the feature is available.

What do you think about this feature?