How to Get Into Vacation Mode?

So, it’s mid summer!

Typically, at this point in the summer, workers have already been on a vacation or are preparing to leave for one in the coming weeks.
Here are some tips for ensuring you get the time you need to decompress, even if you can’t take a long vacation!


Completely disengage from work when the workday is over.
Once you’ve put in your hours for the day, be done! Turn your computer or phone off completely and refuse the urge to keep checking your inbox. It helps to end your workday with a walk around the block or an exercise session to signal the transition.

Change your view.
This can be as simple as swapping your computer background or adding a plant to your desk. You can even go for a total rearrange of your workspace: change your seat, your desk position! If you are working from home, move yourself to a different room, go to the new work space near your place or choose a nice ice-cream shop. Add a diffuser to your office space. Mint and citrus scents can help perk you up, lavender can reduce stress, and tropical scents may at least help you feel like you’re away on vacation even if you aren’t!

Treat the weekends as daycations.
Yes, weekends fly fast, but you CAN use them to the fullest. Completely resting on the weekends is imperative to healthy work-life balance, and active leisure has been proven to result in more positive moods than simply sitting around watching TV. Weekend daycations can go a long way: have a picnic, watch a movie at the cinema, go to the amusement park!

Even if you can’t take a full vacation this summer, the three tips above will help to give you the rest, relaxation and refresh you need. Enjoy!