How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Business

For most businesses and agencies, a brand channel is a great choice for marketing. Think of a brand channel as YouTube’s version of a business account.
You can create a YouTube channel for your brand and begin publishing in just five steps. Use the tutorial below to get started.

Create a Google Account to Manage Your YouTube Channel.

Unlike many social media platforms, YouTube doesn’t require you to use your personal login to create or manage a business channel. Start by going to the Google Account sign-in page and clicking the Create Account button.
Once you’ve completed the verification process, you can provide some optional personal details like your birthday and gender. Then agree to Google’s terms by clicking the I Agree button.

Create a YouTube Channel

To create a channel, sign into YouTube with your new Google account. Go to your channel list by clicking your profile icon in the upper-right corner and selecting Switch Account.
Select the channel and give your channel a name. Ideally, it should align with your business’ name or describe your company in a way that’s easy to search. This workflow automatically creates a brand account for your YouTube channel, which allows you to add members from your marketing team.
Channel Description
In the Description box, tell viewers what to expect from your channel. YouTube channel descriptions have a 1.000-character limit, but the first 100 or so characters are the most critical. In search, YouTube cuts off channel descriptions after about 100 characters so include the most important information at the beginning.
Featured Sections
To organize your channel’s content, choose some featured sections to display. Sections like Uploads and Short Videos automatically appear once you upload relevant content. But you can also opt to add sections for Popular Uploads to help viewers find your best videos.


YouTube Brand Channel Settings

Once you configure the layout, branding, and basic info for your channel, press the Publish button to save your changes. But before you start uploading, take some time to configure settings for your channel.
Add keywords in the basic info. Not sure which keywords to add? You can use free tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner to get ideas for keywords and related terms for your channel.

How to Upload a Video to YouTube

Open your channel’s YouTube Studio dashboard and click the Create button in the upper-right corner. From the drop-down menu, select Upload Videos. Then drag and drop your video file or click the Select Files button to upload. While YouTube Studio is processing the file and checking for issues, you can start entering video details, like title, description, category, license etc.


How to Report Copyright Infringement on YouTube

YouTube has a system in place to help protect your intellectual property and prevent other channels from using your content without permission. If you find that another channel has republished your content, it’s important to determine whether it’s fair use or copyright infringement.
Essentially, the fair use doctrine states that channels can reuse copyrighted material without permission in specific situations. Take a look at YouTube’s fair use factors for more details on what typically constitutes fair use.

Once you’ve created a YouTube channel, you can start marketing your business. Take time to develop a strategy and an upload schedule so you can create content that appeals to your audience.