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What Is UI/UX and Why Study This Specialization?

It is often difficult to find solid descriptions of UI and UX. But by the end of this article, you’ll have a good understanding of what makes them different and how they relate to each other.

What is UI design?

The user interface consists of the buttons that users click, the text that they read, images, text input fields, and everything that the user interacts with. This includes screen layout, interface animations, and any micro-interactions. Any type of visual element or animation should all be designed.
This job goes to UI designers and UI/UX design agencies. They decide what the bid will look like. They should choose color schemes and button shapes, line widths and text fonts.
UI/UX designers create the look and feel of an app’s interface. UI designers are graphic designers who care about aesthetics.
They need to make sure that the app’s interface is attractive, visually appealing, and thematically relevant to the project’s purpose. They should make sure that every visual element should be aesthetic and purposeful․

What is UX design?

UX stands for user experience. Does interacting with the program give people a sense of accomplishment or does it feel like a struggle?
User experience is defined by how easy or difficult it is to interact with interface elements. The latter, you already know, were created by UI designers.
So, UX designers are also concerned with user interface, and that’s why people get confused when they hear these terms. But while UI designers are tasked with deciding what the user interface will look like, UX designers are responsible for how the interface functions. That process is UX strategy.
The strategy determines the structure and functionality of the interface: how it is organized and how all the parts are related to each other. In short, they design the interface to work. If it works smoothly, the user will have a good experience. But if navigation is complicated, it’s likely to be a poor user experience. UX designers work to avoid the second scenario.
There is also some iterative analysis involved in UX design. It’s important for UX designers to get a complete picture of how users prefer to work with their programs.

How do UI and UX work together?

A UX designer decides how an interface works and a UI designer decides what it looks like. This is a collaborative process and the two design teams tend to work closely together. As the UX team develops the flow of the application, the UI team works with all elements of the interface.Let’s imagine that at some point during design it was decided that additional buttons needed to be added to a given screen. There may be a need to change the appearance and layout of the buttons. The UX team decides the best way to create the buttons, while the UI teams adapt the elements to the new layout. Constant communication and collaboration between UI and UX designers helps to ensure that the final interface is both pleasing to the eye and effective.

UI versus UX

Two very different terms that work in harmony.
UI and UX design involve very different skill sets, but they are inseparable. A beautiful design can’t save a confusing interface, and a brilliant UX can be lost due to a bad interface design that makes the app unpleasant. UI and UX designs must be flawlessly executed and perfectly aligned with the user’s expectations to create a great interface. And when UI and UX work well together, the results are awesome.

BDG, co-financed by the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of RA, implements the UI/UX Intermediate course for citizens of RA and Artsakh. People over 18 years of age from Yerevan and over 16 years of age from Artsakh and regions of RA who pass the course admission procedure and correspond to the program, can apply.
The participant must have the necessary minimum knowledge and skills: basic knowledge of English and mathematics, skills in using a computer and the Internet, and well-developed logic.

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